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Capacity Market Restart

On 15 November 2018 the judgment of the General Court of the Court of Justice of the European Union had the effect of annulling the European Commission’s State Aid approval for the GB Capacity Market scheme and introduced a Standstill Period.

On 24 October 2019, the European Commission confirmed that the GB Capacity Market scheme is compatible with EU State Aid rules. The Secretary of State has notified ESC of the Commission’s decision and confirmed the occurrence of the deferred capacity payment trigger event and T-1 capacity agreement trigger event. This means capacity payments can restart under the GB Capacity Market scheme.

In November 2019 suppliers will be invoiced for the Standstill Collection Period Supplier Charge and the first post-Standstill month (December) Credit Cover will also need to be posted.

EMR Settlement has updated on our behalf guidance documents in preparation for this trigger (G22, G11, G17), which are available on the EMRS website.



Relevant Documents

Press Releases & Announcements

Feb. 21, 2023

T-4 Capacity Auction Provisional Results for Delivery Year 2026-27

LCCC welcomes the results of the Capacity Market T-4 Auction for Delivery Year 2026-27. The T-4 ensures that security of supply is assured throughout 2026-27 with an additional 43GW capacity purchased at a clearing

Feb. 14, 2023

T-1 Capacity Auction Provisional Results for Delivery Year 2023-24

LCCC welcomes the Capacity Market T-1 Auction results for Delivery Year 2023-24. The Government purchased 5.8GW of additional derated capacity which could cost the consumer up to £377m settled via the Electricity


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Feb. 08, 2023

Capacity Market Dispute Resolution

This document outlines ESC’s dispute processes in relation to invoice payment calculation disputes raised by a supplier or capacity provider under the Capacity Market regulations and metering test disputes raised by a capacity provider under the Capacity.

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