Capacity Providers

    This page contains information relevant to Generators who already have capacity agreements or are looking to participate in EMR Settlement Services.

    Information on ESC processes

    N.B. Credit cover and Supplier Charging arrangements during the Standstill Period are set out in the BEIS’ response to its “Proposals for technical amendments to the capacity market” consultation.

    As part of the standstill arrangements we have set up a Voluntary Supplier Arrangement (VSA) to allow Suppliers to pay, on a voluntary basis, amounts in respect of their potential post-standstill Supplier Charge liabilities for a Delivery Year. Please see Capacity Market Charge for further information.

    Mock Stress Event 2018 follow-up actions

    ESC has published a Capacity Market Stress Event Guide and proposed revisions to the Capacity Market Volume Register, requested by industry during the Mock Stress Event 2018 feedback workshops.  Click here to read more about our proposals and find out how to provide feedback.


    Press Releases & Announcements

    LCCC/ESC Electricity Supplier Bulletin

    Sep. 09, 2019

    LCCC and ESC have issued today a new

    Electricity Supplier and Capacity Market Bulletin

    Aug. 07, 2019

    ESC has today published an


    LCCC-ESC Electricity Supplier Bulletin

    (pdf176.07 KB)
    Sep. 09, 2019 Download

    LCCC and ESC have issued today a new Bulletin which covers: new Initial Conditions Precedent (ICP) Guidance, an update to Installed Capacity (IC) and Final Installed Capacity (FIC) Guidance and a Capacity Market update.