CCUS Contract Manager

Your new role could be working with a diverse team of people who work together to deliver UK's goals for secure, affordable and sustainable energy.  

While implementing the CfD scheme, LCCC plays a key role in delivering the UK net zero target, and as a not-for-profit organisation, this is not a typical contract or commercial management role. Performance is not measured against a bottom line, but instead there are two guiding principles for LCCC: to maintain investors’ confidence in the CfD scheme and to minimise cost to consumers.

This is an exciting time to be joining the LCCC and particularly the Scheme Delivery team which manages the CfD scheme. Following the announcements from BEIS on new Allocation Rounds in the near future which is expected to significantly increase the number of CfDs and also the recent BEIS publication of the Business Models for Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS), the Scheme Delivery team is also expanding in an effort to prepare for new CFDs and the new CCUS schemes.

The Contract Manager will be instrumental in forming the new team(s) within Scheme Delivery and then managing the respective contracts, engaging on a regular basis with LCCC’s key stakeholders (LCCC Board, BEIS & counterparties).

Key responsibilities

Support the planning phase of the Contract Management activity: 

  • Understanding in depth the  terms and conditions of the contracts to be managed
  • Following the anticipated successive BEIS publications which are expected to provide further level of detail;
  • Offer continuous feedback and assisting BEIS in the further development of any new terms 
  • Support the procurement of advisors to assist the LCCC with its reporting obligations under the contracts and set up the reporting templates;
  • Assist the development of contract management procedures, systems and guidance (or adaptation of the existing ones), tailored to the requirements of the new contracts;
  • Support the Settlement and Forecasting teams in their understanding of the payment mechanisms; sense check the robustness and suitability of the settlement system and forecasting logic proposed by the respective teams.  
  • Support the on-boarding of any additional members to the contract management team.

Support the contract management activity once the contracts are entered into:

  • Have ownership and responsibility for the assigned contracts, acting as the Account Manager and managing contractual processes and issues, including actively identifying and resolving potential disputes; 
  • Apply judgement to manage the contracts, based on LCCC’s overarching interpretation;
  • Review the information provided by the developers and prepare and present regular briefings to senior stakeholders on the progress of the project, key risks and any other relevant matters. 
  • Scoping, instructing and managing the work of the appointed technical and financial advisors to support the above (including challenging the views advanced by the advisors); 

The role could evolve to also provide analysis and advice in relation to the development, planning and implementation of future contracts/schemes. The role will be flexible across our schemes whether managing CfDs or any new schemes in future as they are allocated to the LCCC. 

Skills/Background/Experience required for the role

  • Contract management experience;
  • Excellent analytical skills and experience in capturing, managing & interpretating data, including performance & settlement data;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Good general commercial acumen;
  • Knowledge of electricity /energy markets and/or carbon capture and hydrogen
  • Experience in reviewing reports on the physical progress of a construction project and offering brief and concise summaries for senior audiences is a plus;
  • Experience in managing external advisors is desirable; 
  • Experience in interpreting and managing complex contractual arrangements (including for instance contracts with gainshare mechanisms, reopeners, change in law provisions etc) is desirable;
  • Understanding of the detail and rationale behind the key commercial terms of the CfDs is a plus