Celebrating the women of Low Carbon Contracts Company

LCCC is delighted to celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2023. We are excited to celebrate together the successes of some of the women who work here, in time for International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity. 

We will be showcasing 6 women in our company to show how they have taken action on their careers and what they think about the theme of this year.  

Allison Sandle (General Counsel and Company Secretary)

We are starting with Allison Sandle, who is LCCC’s General Counsel and Company Secretary, Legal. 

Allison says: 

“LCCC is without doubt the most progressive company I’ve worked for. Company Values are sometimes hard to quantify, however we live by our Values. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we are proud that we outperform the energy sector. Women make up 50% of our Board Members and about 40% of our staff.  

“From a personal perspective, even after 30 years in the Energy industry, I can’t imagine any place I’d rather be. Latterly, my highlights have been more about helping others on their path to success.  

“I’m proud to be a part of #EmbraceEquity - supporting change so that everyone with drive can succeed no matter what their circumstances in life.” 


Allison Sandle

Megha Shah (Lead Contract Manager for Carbon Capture Utilisation Schemes (CCUS)

Megha says:

“As a woman working in the renewable energy sector, I have had the good fortune of working with lots of passionate and bright people. As part of my career development, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and that’s what brought me to LCCC.  

“I enjoy putting sustainability and net zero into practice and that drives my work at LCCC. We are at the forefront in mobilising private sector investment in secure, low carbon energy. I want to be part of making decarbonisation affordable for the future. That is incredibly exciting!  

“To me, the theme of #EmbraceEquity means bringing together diverse talents and providing a supportive platform, where every one of us can contribute to the net zero goal.”


Megha Shah

Collete Krishan (Head of Change and New Business Implementation)

Collete says:

“After completing my degree in Physics, I joined the energy sector by chance, and I haven’t really looked back. I have enjoyed working in this field, however, from day one I’ve often been the only woman in the room! 

“At LCCC, things are different because our company values are about reflecting diversity. There is an open and welcoming culture, that is influenced by our senior management. 

“I’m passionate about working on new government schemes such as carbon capture and low carbon hydrogen, these are innovative and interesting. Throughout my career I’ve also embraced continual learning - last month I completed an MBA with WBS, while working full time.  

“This year’s IWD theme #EmbraceEquity makes me consider the difference between equality and equity. I don’t see it as choosing one or the other. Striving for equality requires us all to appreciate diversity – not just gender. It’s also about recognising our differences and creating different, yet equitable opportunities that will benefit individuals as well as organisations and the sector.” 


Colette Krishan


Nouha Chemaou (Strategy Analyst, Strategy and Corporate Affairs)

“The highlight of my career was starting my own energy company in Morocco, at the age of 24, as an Architect in solar energy. It was a hugely male dominated sector and tough for a woman to break into. However, it was my passion, so I didn’t give up.  

“As a business owner, I’ve realised that plans without actions are just dreams, and that dreams can come true if you stay resilient and consistent. Hard work does pay off, and failure is a big part of success. 

“At LCCC, the impact is larger and being a woman does not stop you from contributing to the Energy sector, mainly because of our great mission as a company. The work environment here is very inclusive regardless of background or gender - all that matters is how you can contribute as an individual to the company’s vision. 

“To me, #EmbraceEquity means the ability to pursue whatever you put your mind to without being limited by background, gender, or religion. It’s a place where you are seen for who you are, and you get to shape the life you want, with hard work and equal opportunities.” 



Despina Yiakoumi, Forecasting Manager (Analytics)

Despina says:

“When I started my career in the energy sector with my PhD in Energy Economics back in 2014, unfortunately, women were very under-represented. My PhD helped me develop valuable technical and other skills, which have been key for my professional and personal progress. Luckily, in the sustainable energy sector, I was glad to see more women were being represented.  

“Currently, at LCCC there is a significant number of women contributing to energy transition. It is important to encourage women to stay in the energy sector and move into more senior positions, where bigger opportunities exist. 

“To me, the theme of this year, #EmbraceEquity includes fair treatment and equal access to opportunities for all people, in an inclusive world where our differences and diversity are valued, supported and respected. For International Women's Day we should all #EmbraceEquity.”   


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Claire Daniels (Lead Contract Manager, Contract Management)

“I’ve been at LCCC almost a year now and time has flown by. LCCC has a great company culture to work in and my colleagues are enthusiastic and supportive of each other. I’ve been lucky enough to attend several renewable energy site visits which is an amazing experience, and I can get to see first-hand the different stages of construction for many technologies. This type of exposure, along with meeting the generators themselves helps you develop new skills and knowledge, and ultimately helps you progress in your own career path." 

“As a woman, the energy sector is a great place to work. Over the past 10 - 15 years, a lot of work has been done by large companies and energy trade organisations to recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce – which is fantastic. We have benefitted from their contributions."   

"Working as the CfD Contract Manager to the world’s largest offshore wind farm, Hornsea 2, is one of the highlights of my career.  For me, #EmbraceEquity means embracing and celebrating equity every day and not just on certain days of the year. #EmbraceEquity is a positive theme, and we can use that to benefit our industry and every individual within it.”  


Claire Daniels