East Anglia One Limited
Current strike price
136.08 £/MWh
Initial Strike Price: 119.89 £/MWh
Change to Strike Price (where applicable): 16.19 £/MWh
Company Registered Address
1 Tudor Street (3rd Floor)
United Kingdom Date CFD Register Entry was Last Updated 01/04/2019 Allocation round Allocation Round 1
Unique Identifier CAA-EAS-166 Technology type Offshore Wind CFD Unit with Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") (yes/no) No Dual Scheme Plant
Initial Installed Capacity Estimate for CFD Unit 179.00MW
Target Commissioning Date 31/03/2018 Target Commissioning Window Start Date 31/03/2018 Generator’s Expected Start Date 21/08/2019
Any Reduction to the Capacity of a CFD Unit 0.00MW
Company Registration No 7366753 Unique Geographical Coordinates N: 52.238, 2.563; E: 52.238, 2.563; S: 52.088, 2.524; W: 52.234, 2.477 CFD Agreement Type (Bespoke, Investment, Generic, Private Network, Phased (Single Metering) or Phased (Apportioned) Phased (Apportioned)
Version Name and Number of Standard Terms Version: 1, 29 August 2014 Reference Number for Modification Agreement N/A
LCCC's Reasons for Accepting an Application to Modify the Standard Terms N/A Type of Connection (Partial, Direct or Islanded) Direct Transmission or Distribution connection Transmission
Single Metering or Apportioned Metering (applies to phased offshore wind only) Apportioned Offshore Leasing Round 2 or 3/Scottish Territorial Waters (applies to Offshore Wind only) Round 3
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