Seagreen Phase 3

Seagreen Wind Energy Limited

Relevant Dates

Date CFD Register Entry was Last Updated
Target Commissioning Date
Target Commissioning Window Start Date
Generator’s Expected Start Date

Strike price

Initial Strike Price
Change to Strike Price (where applicable)
Current strike price

Project Information

Allocation round
Allocation Round 3
Technology type
Offshore Wind
CFD Unit with Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") (yes/no)
Dual Scheme Plant
Initial Installed Capacity Estimate for CFD Unit
Unique Geographical Coordinates
N: 56.617, -1.626; E: 56.532, -1.489; S: 56.529, -1.565; W: 56.585, -1.759
CFD Agreement Type (Bespoke, Investment, Generic, Private Network, Phased (Single Metering) or Phased (Apportioned)
Phased (Single Metering)
Version Name and Number of Standard Terms
Version 3, 01 May 2019
Type of Connection (Partial, Direct or Islanded)
Transmission or Distribution connection
Single Metering or Apportioned Metering (applies to phased offshore wind only)
Offshore Leasing Round 2 or 3/Scottish Territorial Waters (applies to Offshore Wind only)
Scottish Territorial Waters
General comments
Following the conclusion of the Judicial Review that was impacting all AR3 contracts, this contract was afforded a 6 month extension to the CFD milestones of Milestone Delivery Date, end of Target Commissioning Window and Longstop Date.