MGT Teeside Limited
Current strike price
141.84 £/MWh
Initial Strike Price: 125.00 £/MWh
Change to Strike Price (where applicable): 16.84 £/MWh
Company Registered Address
8 White Oak Square
London Road
United Kingdom Date CFD Register Entry was Last Updated 01/04/2019 Allocation round Investment Contract
Unique Identifier INV-TEE-001 Technology type Dedicated Biomass with CHP CFD Unit with Combined Heat and Power ("CHP") (yes/no) Yes Dual Scheme Plant
Capacity of Whole Station (applicable to Biomass conversions or dual schemes only)
Initial Installed Capacity Estimate for CFD Unit 299.00MW
Target Commissioning Date 31/07/2018 Target Commissioning Window Start Date 31/07/2018 Generator’s Expected Start Date 31/03/2020
Any Reduction to the Capacity of a CFD Unit 0.00MW
Company Registration No 6574235 Unique Geographical Coordinates N: 54.600, -1.165; E: 54.603, -1.160; S: 54.601, -1.156; W: 54.598, -1.161 CFD Agreement Type (Bespoke, Investment, Generic, Private Network, Phased (Single Metering) or Phased (Apportioned) Investment
Version Name and Number of Standard Terms Investment Contract Reference Number for Modification Agreement MT0415A Date of Modification Agreement with LCCC 29/04/2015
LCCC's Reasons for Accepting an Application to Modify the Standard Terms Milestone Delivery Date modified to 23rd January 2016 and final day of Target Commissioning Window modified to 22nd January 2020 for reasons related to delays in State Aid being granted Type of Connection (Partial, Direct or Islanded) Direct Transmission or Distribution connection Transmission
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