Contract Manager

Your new role could be working with a diverse team of people who work together to deliver two government electricity schemes at the heart of the UK's goals for secure, affordable and sustainable energy. 

The Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) is a private limited company wholly owned by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and established to play a key role in the transformation of the UK’s electricity system – ensuring future supply is secure, low-carbon and affordable as we progress to Net Zero 2050. LCCC is the counterparty to the Contracts for Difference (CfD), the scheme whereby low-carbon generation is supported in order to compete with conventional fossil fuel generation. There are around 70 CfD’s currently in operation, covering a wide range of renewable technologies including offshore and onshore wind, solar and biomass conversion. The number of CfDs will greatly increase in early 2022 due to the next allocation round, that being the auction process where different renewable projects compete to secure CfD’s.

Contract Managers are responsible for the day-to-day relationship and contract management of assigned CfD’s. Given that LCCC is a not-for-profit organisation, this is not a typical contract or commercial management role. Performance is not measured against a bottom line, but instead by two guiding principles: to maintain investors’ confidence in the CfD scheme and to minimise cost to consumers.

Under each individual CfD contract we share common objectives with Generators (counterparties to the CfD contracts) and, based on the long-term nature of the CfD contracts, relationship management is a big part of the Contract Managers’ role. Interaction with Generators is frequent during the contract lifecycle (20+ years), and particularly during the initial 4-5 years, when projects are going through the development and construction phases. Contract Managers normally communicate with their respective Generators on a weekly/fortnightly basis when Generators are close to achieving contractual milestones, and less frequently once the projects are in operation. Site visits are also conducted at least once a year (per project) and provide a unique opportunity to gain exposure to several leading-edge technologies implemented as part of multimillion/billion GBP projects.

The Contract Manager also supports wider Scheme Delivery and LCCC initiatives, and regularly interfaces with both internal (Legal, Data & Analytics, Finance, etc.) and external (Ofgem, EMRS, etc.) teams.

Person specification:

  • Strong contract management, negotiation, influencing, and analytical skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience of relevant legal, regulatory and contract management issues
  • Good commercial acumen including experience on developing and maintaining commercial relationships
  • Stakeholder management
  • Good understanding of the current UK energy policy landscape and regulations, including power and renewables sectors
  • CfD, project finance transactions, power generation, commercial dispute resolution and project management experience is desirable but not essential.

Your key responsibilities will include:  

  • Day-to-day relationship and contract management of assigned CfDs and associated workload and tasks, including site visits, communications and document management, and reporting.
  • Own and manage all contractual processes and issues, including actively identifying and resolving potential disputes and/or escalating any emerging issues or suggested improvements.
  • Apply judgement to manage the contracts, based on LCCC’s overarching interpretation of the contract and in line with LCCC guidance.
  • Work collaboratively with Generators to satisfy contract requirements and project management to enable the commencement of payments under the respective CfD.
  • Ensure ongoing contract compliance related to Fuel Measurement and Sampling (FMS), Renewable Qualifying Multiplier (RQM) and other Sustainability Criteria.
  • Understand financial and technical analysis and be able to competently procure and manage external advisers to conduct this on LCCC’s behalf where necessary.
  • Provide analysis and advice in relation to existing and/or new CfDs or other LCCC functions.