Credit Cover Process


Credit Cover Process

In order to enter the Capacity Market Auction, Applicants may need to lodge and maintain Credit Cover with the Settlement Body, Electricity Settlement Company (ESC). Our Settlement Service Provider, EMR Settlement Limited (EMRS), operate this process on our behalf.

Any CMU that at prequalification results receives Conditional Prequalification notice must provide Credit Cover within 15 Working Days of receipt. The EMR Delivery Body are responsible for setting and updating Credit Cover requirements.

Credit Cover must be maintained until all Credit Obligations have been met (see the Electricity Capacity Regulations 60), the CMU Application is unsuccessful in obtaining an Agreement after the Auction or until a DSR becomes Proven.

Additional Credit Cover will also be required if a new build CMU has not reached its Financial Commitment Milestone (FCM) by the deadline communicated by the EMR Delivery Body. This additional Credit Cover must be provided within 15 Working Days of being notified of the increase.


Where can I obtain further information?

Working Practice 35: CM Applicant Capacity Provider Credit Cover Process provides details on the following processes:

  • How to lodge Credit Cover in Cash or Letter of Credit

  • Monitoring LoC Validity and expiry

  • How to reduce Credit Cover

  • How to release Credit Cover

  • How drawing down of Credit Cover works

If you have any further queries on the above processes please call EMRS on 020 7380 4333 or email

For queries on Credit Obligations or Financial Commitment Milestones, please call EMR Delivery Body on 01926 655300 or email​.