Data Engineer

The Data Engineer role will have a specific focus on data and integration, ensuring that they drive single version of the truth by developing and maintaining reliable solutions to store and manage key data.

The role will source, model, and provide data in a form which is ready for report / dashboard building. They will take ownership for the design, development, and maintenance of LCCCs databases and data warehouse, as well as ensure all data systems conform to the data architecture and strategy expectations. 

The Data Engineer will drive better data governance through the creation and embedding of principles and processes. They will also build and maintain key data governance and management artefacts such as the data model, data dictionary and KPI catalogue. 

The key responsibilities of the role are to: 

  • Own, design, develop and maintain LCCCs databases and DataWarehouse ensuring reliable data across the organisation 
  • Source, model and provide reliable data in a form that is ready for report / dashboard building
  • Drive better data governance through the creation and embedding of principles and processes
  • Build and maintain key data governance and management artefacts e.g., Logical Data Model & Flow Diagram, Data Dictionary, KPI Catalogue. 
  • Define overall approach and data flow for Extract, Transform and Load; and application of this for a given deployment/project
  • Identify patterns, anomalies, and structure of data in preparation for Extract Transformation and Load
  • Design and implement data models within a data warehouse based on business requirements
  • Write ETL data validation and data reconciliation queries
  • Define high level and low-level design of a data warehouse to ensure robustness e.g., restorability, traceability, ease to support, etc.
  • Define, embed, and drive master data management approaches, principles, and processes
  • Identify data quality issues through data profiling, analysis, and stakeholder engagement
  • Design and maintain the Microsoft Azure modern DataWarehouse architecture, implementation, administration, and support

Skills and Experience

  • Experience in Microsoft DataWarehouse technology (old and modern) as well as Data Warehousing tools and database systems 
  • Experience ETL and ELT processes, working with database architecture and business intelligence tools
  • Experience with data administration
  • Able to develop and optimise queries in SQL
  • Experience in creating data pipelines using Azure Data Factory
  • Experience using Azure data lake and Azure Databricks
  • Experience in writing PowerShell scripts
  • Able to work with large datasets and extrapolate conclusions
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills