EMRS - Updated Working Practice Documents

We'd like to inform Suppliers, Capacity Providers and CFD Generators that EMRS have updated a number of Working Practice documents. The documents relate to a variety of activities across Contracts for Difference (CFD) and Capacity Market (CM). These can be found on their website in the Working Practices section.

The updated Working Practices and participants impacted by these are as follows:

  • WP022 - Applicant & Capacity Provider Registration - Capacity Providers
  • WP025 - EMR Aggregation Rules - All EMR Participants
  • WP031 - Amending EMR Party Details - All EMR Participants
  • WP031/1 - EMR Party Details Amendment Form - All EMR Participants
  • WP032 - CFD Further Conditions Precedent (Metering) - CFD Generators
  • WP033 - CFD - Electrical Schematic Obligation - CFD Generators
  • WP198 - EMR Site Testing Volumes and Selection Process - Capacity Providers and CFD Generators

The changes made to these documents are summarised in the amendment record at the start of each document.