Generator Webinar: Changes & Improvements to CfD management

LCCC quarterly webinar for Generators: Changes and improvements to the way we manage your Contract for Difference (CfD), plus AR4 updates.

This is the next event in our series of quarterly webinars specifically focused on important and relevant issues for Generators. We will provide an overview of the responses we received from Generators in the 2020 Stakeholder Questionnaire and follow-up calls. We will share our analysis, main feedback themes and trends that emerged, and more important the action plan we launched to address these. We will also show the longer term initiatives we are planning, to continually improve the working relationship and achieve the shared objectives of our CfD counterparties.

As usual, these events are also a good opportunity to introduce you to the wider Scheme Delivery directorate and LCCC teams, to enrich your understanding of how they support you and your CfD. We will also discuss updates to Allocation Round 4 and provide a forward look at topics, as suggested by you, that we will cover in webinars throughout 2021.

As always, there will be ample time to ask questions.