LCCC workshop for AR3 Generators: Meeting the CfD Milestone Requirement

This workshop will guide AR3 generators through how to meet the Milestone Requirement (MR) by Milestone Delivery Date (MDD) in April 2021.

This interactive workshop for generators awarded CfD contracts in Allocation Round 3 (AR3) will discuss the two ways of meeting the contractual Milestone Requirement (MR) by the Milestone Delivery Date (MDD): the 10% spend route or the project commitment route.

In order to successfully meet MR by the MDD, Generators must engage early and often with their contract managers, taking time to carefully understand what is required throughout the process.

Our Scheme Management and Contract Management teams will provide AR3 generators with detailed information on how to meet the MR, share lessons learnt from previous Allocation Rounds, and explain how best to engage with LCCC contract managers in order to successfully meet the MR by MDD.