Capacity Providers Webinar - Focus on data

The second webinar ifrom Electricity Settlements Company (ESC) for those in the Capacity Market, with particular focus on using data. We are looking at the utilisation of data to improve scheme requirements and we want to engage with Capacity providers to gather your views and support.

Our priorities

  • Missing Metered Data – Following feedback from the Capacity Market Launch Event on 13 July 2021, ESC investigated common issues Capacity Providers experience as to why EMRS are missing metered data; we updated on improvements and asked for further scenarios
  • Metering Aggregation – Our largest missing data scenario; we updated on progress following our request to update before the start of the Delivery Year.
  • Stress Event Testing – We provided an update on how we are looking at influencing change to the Stress Event process following our Testing Programme
  • Data Analysis – We have been trailing proposals to enable efficiency

Data Proposals under exploration:

  • Metered Data Testing – Automating how Satisfactory Performance Days (SPD) and Demand Side Response (DSR) testing is carried out to reduce the administration burden on Capacity Providers
  • Secondary Trading Directory – Enable a platform for Capacity Providers to identify willing Capacity Providers to trade agreement capacity
  • Stress Event Penalties – Reduce complexity and simplify the penalty structure so Capacity Providers are not mandated to provide data

What do you want ESC to be focusing on?

These would all require change with BEIS and Ofgem, but automation is possible. Before we continue, we would like to understand your views and if you would support these changes or alternatively, do you have different suggestions for change relating to data utilisation?

Please get in touch! We would welcome any ideas prior to the webinar and ask you to email and add ‘Data Utilisation Views’ in the subject title.

Do you have a question for ESC, EMRS or Delivery Body on the Capacity Market scheme? Alternatively, do have a topic you would like to be covered at a future webinar? If yes, please do email us at