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How does Ofgem use LCCC forecast for setting the price cap?

LCCC provides Ofgem with forecasts on CfD payments and Eligible Demand. Part of this information is publicly available and can be found in the data portal. For more information on how exactly Ofgem uses this information and which determination run is used to update the calculation of the price cap please contact Ofgem.

Does LCCC model the commercial behaviour of the participants for both the quarterly obligation period forecast and the advanced forecast? 

LCCC’s forecast assumptions are based, in part, on our prediction of generators’ behaviour in response to market conditions. This information is commercially sensitive, and we cannot share the exact details of our assumptions with the public. With the current high volatility in the market, these assumptions can change significantly between the determination runs.

What start dates does LCCC use as the basis for published forecasts?

The official Start Dates, and expected start dates for all generators are available on the LCCC website. However, the start date assumptions LCCC makes for the quarterly obligation period forecast might differ from what is published, based on LCCC’s knowledge of the Facility, confidential information provided by the generator and predictions of generators’ behaviour in response to market conditions. Similarly, the start dates for the advanced forecast are based on the information on the LCCC website, on generators’ updates and on LCCC’s assumptions following the market conditions. The information, other than what is available on the website, is commercially sensitive, and we cannot share the exact dates of our assumptions with the public.

When is the Strike Price Adjustment (SPA) for the new Allocation Rounds (AR) for CfD projects published?

LCCC performs the Strike Price Adjustment (SPA) calculations annually as per the relevant CFD clauses and communicates the revised Strike Prices to the Generators no later than the 5th business day post the 1st of April each year.

Source: Strike Price Adjustment guide final JR.pdf (

Why cannot CMU Portfolios be modelled? 


Why not modelled?  

CMU Portfolios  

It cannot be automated as it cannot be determined by ESC what CMUs are to be grouped as a portfolio 

The time saved from validating those that have passed automatically will also mean improvements to the delivery of SPDs for those that have not been modelled or where there are errors.  

I cannot see my CMU on the SPD pass report will I be suspended?  

If the CMU has passed its SPDs and the SPD pass report does not show this, please contact one of the Delivery Partners and we will provide a response: 

ESC contact email:  

EMR Delivery Body:  

If the CMU has not passed the SPDs please follow the guidance, Demonstrating Satisfactory Performance & Extended Performance please follow link to the latest EMR Delivery Body 

What is the difference between the Strike Price and the Administrative Strike Price?

Strike Price: The Strike Price is the fixed price a Generator will earn per MWh of Electricity Generated for the lifetime of the contract.
Administrative Strike Price: Administrative Strike Prices (GBP per MWh) set the maximum support, on a £/MWh basis, that the government is willing to offer developers for each technology in a given delivery year. ASPs set a cap on clearing prices in an auction as generators cannot receive a strike price value higher than their technology AS.


What are the ICPs?

We held a Webinar on Thursday 30th June and a recording can be found here and we have also published ICP Guidance and Legal Opinion Podcast which can be found here 

Will the contracts have space for more than one signatory? Is this an option?  

At this stage, we cannot automate the option to allow Generators to nominate two different people to sign the CfD. However, if this causes an issue for Generators, we ask that you contact us after receiving the link to sign the CfD contract. We can then amend that link to allow a second person to sign. It is essential that if you need to excise this option, you do not sign until we resend you the invitation, as we will then not be able to edit the signing envelope