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    On this part of our website you will be able to access the materials and documents relevant to the scheme as well all of our stakeholder engagement activities.

    Please note a link to the documents as published by BEIS (formerly DECC) are listed on our CFD Contract Page. BEIS have recently consulted on proposed changes to the contracts available for the next allocation round and amalgamated certain recommendations into a new draft which, available here.

    CFD Register

    LCCC is the designated CFD Counterparty and manages a portfolio of 41 CFDs, including Onshore and Offshore Wind, Solar, Biomass, Energy from Waste, Advance Combustion Technologies and Nuclear.

    In April 2015 we published the CFD Register, which is a public document containing details of all of the contracts we currently manage.


    Excluded Site Register

    This Register is published in accordance with the Contracts for Difference Regulations  which introduced the requirement for Low Carbon Contracts Company Ltd, as the CFD counterparty, to establish and maintain a register of each excluded site to which a temporary site exclusion applies. Please see here.


    How CFDs work

    Contracts for Difference (“CFDs”) are designed to provide stability for Low Carbon generators to encourage the move towards a secure, diverse low carbon electricity supply in the UK. The CFD works by ensuring that generators receive a fixed, pre-agreed price for the low carbon electricity they produce during the time the contract is running. This is known as the ‘strike price’.

    Generators will receive revenue from selling their electricity into the market as usual and independently of the CFD.  However, when the market reference price is below the strike price they will also receive a top-up payment to the level of the strike price, which is calculated and paid by the Low Carbon Contracts Company. The cost of these payments will be met by the CFD Supplier Obligation, a levy on GB electricity suppliers.  Conversely if the reference price is above the strike price, the generator must pay back the difference.


    We often hold Stakeholder events to support industry readiness. Please click here to see information on past events and what's coming up.

    If you are a low carbon electricity generator, you will be able to access material relevant to the Contracts for Difference scheme here.

    Press Releases & Announcements

    LCCC Contract for Difference Bulletin

    Oct. 18, 2019

    LCCC has issued today a

    Allocation Round three projects sign on the dotted line

    Oct. 18, 2019

    LCCC is pleased to announce that all 12 of the projects awarded Contracts for Difference (CfDs) through the third Allocation Round (AR3) have signe


    Contract for Difference Bulletin

    (pdf162.7 KB)
    Oct. 18, 2019 Download

    LCCC has issued today a new Contract for Difference Bulletin. This issue covers confirmation of Allocation Round three contract signatures, registration for the forthcoming CfD Interim Levy Rate and Total Reserve Amount for Q1 2020 and details of the next scheduled update of the CfD register and the CfD dashboards.