CFD contract

The CFD contract has been designed to cover a wide range of eventualities. The standard contracts are designed to deliver fairness, good understanding, robust and consistent delivery. Early review of the contract is strongly advised, and early collection of the data to complete the contract is essential.

The CFD contract is a private law contract between a low-carbon electricity generator and Low Carbon Contracts Company Ltd.

It consists of two elements, the CFD agreement and the standard terms and conditions.

For offshore wind projects of up to 1,500MW generating capacity phased CFDs are available. The standard CFD Terms and Conditions will apply together with any necessary phasing-specific amendments achieved through the relevant CFD Agreement. These projects can have up to 3 separate phased CFD agreements as appropriate. Additionally agreements for apportioned metering are also available.

Support through the CFD mechanism is also available for eligible low-carbon electricity generation operating on a ‘private wire’ network (Private Network). The Private Network CFD agreement and standard terms and conditions are applicable.