Scheme Dashboards

    The dashboards below summarise Contracts for Difference scheme data and metrics which are relevant for analysts, managers and policy makers with an interest in the scheme. All the dashboards provided here have been created in Power BI which allows flexible customisation of data views. The charts can be expanded for an improved viewing experience.

    CFD Dashboards
    Portfolio Dashboard

    Portfolio Dashboard

    The Portfolio Dashboard shows the CFD Installed Capacity profile, number of contracts starting to receive CFD payments and their Installed Capacity, and contracts at different contract stages.These metrics are refreshed periodically as portfolio data are updated.

    Valuation dashboard

    Forecast Dashboard

    The Forecast Dashboard shows LCCC's long term forecast of CFD generation excluding bespoke contracts. This forecast was calculated in May 2019 for inclusion in LCCC's annual report and accounts published in July 2019 and will be updated annually.

    CFD Actual Dashboard

    Actuals Dashboard

    The Actuals Dashboard contains historical CFD generation, CFD payments, Reference Prices, Interim Levy Rate (ILR) and demand data. The data is refreshed every working day and the latest settlement date is shown in the top left corner.