Quarterly Generator Webinar

Quarterly Generator Webinar – updates.
This is the third in our series of webinars specifically focused on the issues that are important to you as Generators.
Following our last webinar in January 2021, we will continue to focus on CfD contract management and provide updates on LCCC's work.
At this webinar we will present details of improvements and solutions we have recently implemented to the management of CfD contracts, like the new KYC process and the first agreement for merchant capacity, as well as the initial findings of the recently completed 2021 LCCC Stakeholder Survey. We will share our plan for the forthcoming OCP and FIC interactive workshops for both thermal and wind projects; and cover the strike price adjustment process.
And for those of planning to increase the number of CfD projects, we will also talk about the latest on Allocation Round 4.
As always there will be ample time for questions and interactions with LCCC colleagues and speakers, to help enrich your understanding of how they support you and your CfD project.