Supplier Payments Dashboard now available

The “Supplier Payments Dashboard” is now available here. The dashboard shows how much each supplier, split by EMR party ID has paid LCCC for the CfD since the scheme began. 
Why has the dashboard been created?
LCCC currently publishes payments to generators, showing how much is paid to individual generators on a daily basis. To provide symmetry and show where this money is coming from, LCCC has decided to also publish payments from suppliers to LCCC on a daily basis. This dashboard only shows accrued payments from suppliers, due to the ILR. It does not show the TRA or any reconciled data and therefore shows £0 income for the last year, as the ILR has been £0 since September 2021. For reconciled daily levy rates please have a look at the dashboard showing this: Reconciled Daily Levy Rates
How can stakeholders interact with the dashboard?
The dashboard is relatively simple to use, with the payments broken down by party ID, with each colourful box representing 1 party ID. Please note that some suppliers might have more than one party ID. The mapping for these can be found here Voting share - Elexon and it is updated regularly. At the bottom of the dashboard the sum of all payments over time can be seen. As the Interim Levy Rate (ILR) has been £0 since September 2021, payments from suppliers since then are also £0. On the right-hand side of the dashboard, it is possible to filter for specific party IDs as well as time periods.  Please note that some suppliers might have more than one party ID and that these IDs change over time. 

Who would be interested in this information?
This information could interest other suppliers, generators, as well as anyone else interested in the energy market, as it provides greater transparency on who is paying for the scheme and the flow of money from supplier to LCCC to generator.