May. 30, 2023
This document provides generators with guidance on the requirements for co-locating electricity storage and hydrogen production alongside generation supported under the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme.  
May. 30, 2023
This is new LCCC guidance on the CfD Private Network Agreement for Generators. This guidance is for Generators not connected to the Total System, or which are only partially connected to the Total System. 
Apr. 03, 2023
The guidance sets out how LCCC will administer applications from electricity suppliers seeking a determination that an amount of electricity they have supplied in Great Britain (GB) is ‘green excluded electricity’ (“GEE”), pursuant to Regulation 3…
Mar. 28, 2023
This guidance is intended to help generators understand the series of calculations that result in a Generators annual adjusted Strike Price.
Mar. 02, 2023
Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) has today, 02 March 2023, published an updated version of the Guidance document to support applications for Minor and Necessary Modifications to contracts in the upcoming Allocation Round 5 of the Contract for…
Feb. 27, 2023
LCCC have today, 28 February 2023, published an updated version of the Milestone Requirement Guidance. This document sets out how Generators awarded a CfD during Allocation Round 4 can satisfy the Milestone Requirement per Condition 4.1. of the…
Feb. 08, 2023
This document outlines ESC’s dispute processes in relation to invoice payment calculation disputes raised by a supplier or capacity provider under the Capacity Market regulations and metering test disputes raised by a capacity provider under the…
Feb. 06, 2023
This document provides Generators with guidance on the forms of evidence that the Low Carbon Contracts Company considers acceptable in order to demonstrate that no less than 80% of the Installed Capacity Estimate has been Commissioned.
Feb. 01, 2023
A review of the Electricity Settlement Company's performance as the appointed settlement body for the Capacity Market.