Jul. 07, 2020
LCCC has today, 07 July 2020, published updated Strike Price Adjustment (SPA) guidance. This guidance is intended to help generators understand the series of calculations that result in a Generator's annual adjusted Strike Price.
May. 02, 2019
LCCC’s Forecasting team held today a teleconference on the Interim Levy Rate (ILR) and Total Reserve Amount (TRA) for Q3 2019 (01 July 2019 to 30 Sept 2019). A recording of the session has been published and is available to watch here.
Feb. 28, 2019
A new Electricity Supplier and Capacity Market Bulletin has now been published by ESC.
May. 23, 2018
LCCC guidance on Sustainability Criteria Reporting
May. 17, 2018
LCCC Profiling data and audit subject matter guidance template
Apr. 09, 2018
LCCC has published the Direct Agreement Guidance for CFD Generators
Apr. 06, 2018
LCCC has published the Final Installed Capacity (“FIC”) Guidance for Onshore and Offshore Wind.
Apr. 06, 2018
LCCC has published the Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) Contracts for Difference Fuel Measurement and Sampling (FMS) Questionnaire.
Apr. 06, 2018
LCCC has today published the Standard CFD Fuel Measurement and Sampling Questionnaire