Register of Temporary Site Exclusion


    Name of Applicant/Generator

    Grid Reference Co- ordinates


    Other Site Information

    Date of CFD notification2

    Future Earth Energy (Drakelow) Limited

    N: 52.776, -1.657

    E: 52.775, -1.655

    S: 52.774, -1.656

    W: 52.775, -1.659

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    Location: bounded to the south and east by the Burton South main electrical substation with open brownfield land immediately in other directions.

    11 September 2017

    Grangemouth Renewable Energy Limited

    N: 56.027, -3.712

    E: 56.025, -3.700

    S: 56.021, -3.716

    W: 56.022, -3.725

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    Location: Central Docks Road, Grangemouth within the site of the Port of Grangemouth, operated by Forth Ports.

    11 September 2017

    DC2 Engineering Limited

    N: 51.942, -3.891

    E: 51.941, -3.890

    S: 51.940, -3.89

    W: 51.940, -3.892

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    Location: Situated in the town of Llangadog, 7 miles south-west of Llandovery.

    11 September 2017

    Redruth EFW Limited

    N: 50.259, -5.189

    E: 50.258, -5.187

    S: 50.258, -5.188

    W: 50.258, -5.189

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    11 September 2017

    1 This Register is published in accordance with the Contracts for Difference (Allocation) Regulations 2014 (as amended) which requires the Low Carbon Contracts Company Ltd, as the CFD counterparty, to establish and maintain a register of each excluded site to which a temporary site exclusion applies. The Register is required to contain the information included above.

     2 The CFD notification is defined in Regulation 42 of the Contracts for Difference (Allocation) Regulations 2014 and is the notice that the Delivery Body is required to give in respect of each successful CFD application which sets out information which enables Low Carbon Contracts Company to complete the terms and conditions applicable to the intended CFD.