Mock Stress Events

Capacity Market Stress events are designed to check that the Capacity Providers' and Delivery Partners' systems are working correctly. They also help to ensure that Capacity Providers are aware of their obligations during a Capacity Market Stress Event. Mock Stress Events are intended to be a 'real world' test for both the Capacity Providers and Delivery Partners.

They test the provision of data by Capacity Providers and trial the administration of the settlement process. They also develop understanding of how the overall process could be improved for Capacity Providers. 

Stress Event Testing 2020 
Our new test programme is based upon lessons learned from the Mock Stress Event Exercise in 2018.

We have a number of different testing activities which promote continuous testing and communication throughout  this Delivery Year and end with a targeted Mock Stress Event in 2021. The CM standstill and COVID-19  have resulted  in a different approach  to reduce the resource requirements for industry and the Delivery Partners in 2020.

Proposed activities in 2020 include:

  • Improving visibility of supporting activity relating to the preparation for Stress Events
  • Checking the reliability and appropriateness of communication channels;
  • Delivery Partners will work together and engage with Capacity Providers to ensure accuracy of contact lists
  • Testing system functionality and interfaces between Delivery Partners
  • We will test multiple CM Stress Event scenarios to ensure robust Delivery Partner systems and processes
  • Implementing system improvements:
  • An online submission of Capacity Market Volume Reallocation Notifications (CMVRN)
  • Rejection of duplicate CMVRN Trade IDs
  • Confirmation of receipt on submission of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) meter data
  • Priority changes that emerge from our 2020 testing programme will be implemented in 2020 where possible

Mock Stress Event 2018 follow-up actions
The Electricity Settlements Company (ESC) has published a Capacity Market Stress Event Guide and proposed revisions to the Capacity Market Volume Register, as requested by industry during the Mock Stress Event 2018 feedback work-shops. Click here to read more about our proposals and find out how to provide feedback.