LCCC makes in-period adjustment to ILR determinations for Q1 2021

Since the start of Q1 2021, Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) has been building a surplus of income over payments, caused by a combination of lower generator payments and slightly higher demand.

The former is predominantly a consequence of higher market prices at the beginning of the quarter, while the latter was driven by the low temperatures.

As a result, LCCC has decided to reduce the Interim Levy Rate (ILR) from £8.283/MWh to £6.273/MWh, effective from 18/02/2021 until the end of Q1 2021. There is no change to the Total Reserve Amount (TRA).

For further detail on LCCC’s calculations, please refer to  our online CfD Levy Dashboards, and to the recording from our January webinar on the Q2 21 ILR and TRA.

A Stakeholder Bulletin outlining this has been published today and is available to download via the button on this webpage.