Roles and Responsibilities

    LCCC is working with National Grid, BEIS and Ofgem to deliver the Second CFD Allocation Round. The formal process will start with the BEIS Allocation Round Notice, expected in March 2017. After which, it will take approximately 3-6 months for National Grid to run the qualification process and allocation process to determine successful applicants.  

    LCCC will then undertake the signing process with succesful generators and subsequently manage those contracts over their lifetime. More information on the CFD scheme and roles and responsibilities of its delivery organisations is provided in the CFD Booklet

    There are a number of parties involved in the CFD allocation process. The roles of each body involved are outlined below to assist you in directing any further queries:

    • LCCC is the designated counterparty to Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Its role is to manage CFDs, as well as to manage the Supplier Obligation Levy that funds CFD payments.
    • BEIS sets the budget, the policy framework and legislative implementation.
    • National Grid is the designated Delivery Body. It runs the application, qualification and allocation processes for CFDs.
    • Electricity Market Reform Settlement Service (EMRS) provides settlement services to LCCC.

    Further information on LCCC's role prior to contract signature, follow this link.

    LCCC also issues a regular Bulletin to its Stakeholders. This will include updates on the Allocation Round and relevant information including dates of future events. If you would like to receive the Bulletin please contact