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    This page contains information relevant to Electricity Suppliers.

    Welcome to the Electricity Supplier's Area.  Here we sign-post you to the most relevant material for electricity suppliers, such as how we forecast and set the CFD levy, what you need to know about the Capacity Market Supplier Charge, and how to access further information and data relating to these.


    We also hold Stakeholder events to support industry readiness for changes to the EMR schemes. Please click here to see information on past events and what's coming up.

    Press Releases & Announcements

    Electricity Supplier Bulletin published today

    Jan. 22, 2020

    LCCC-ESC have published today, 22 January 2020, a new Electricity S

    Webinar slides for ILR/TRA determination for Q2 2020

    Jan. 22, 2020

    LCCC's forecasting team ran a webinar on the CfD Interim Levy Rate and Total Reserve Amount for Q2 2020 on Monday 20 January.  You can now


    LCCC-ESC Electricity Supplier Bulletin

    (pdf172.62 KB)
    Jan. 22, 2020 Download

    LCCC-ESC have published today, 22 January 2020, a new Bulletin for Electricity Suppliers. Main news in this issue is our new online data offering for our stakeholders: the capacity market dashboards, the updated CfD historical dashboard and the CfD forecast dashboard.