Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) has completed the Contracts for Difference (CfD) Interim Levy Rate (ILR) and Total Reserve Amount (TRA) forecasts for Q1 2024. These amounts will be communicated to suppliers in the normal way at the end of September 2023.

The ILR/TRA determination used market information data up to and including 13 September 2023.

For further detail on the timings involved in calculating the ILR and TRA forecasts and how these fit into the quarterly reconciliation process, please refer to the presentation. Please note that, whilst this presentation was delivered as part of our Q3 2022 ILR and TRA webinar on 28 April 2022, the process is comparable across quarters.

Additional resources on the data and processes involved in the CfD are also available in the article Reconciliations: How does money move through the CfD scheme – resources.

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