1.  What is the whistleblowing hotline?

The whistleblowing hotline is a service run by a completely independent company called InTouch who provide a confidential reporting service. There may be times when you would not feel comfortable raising concerns directly with the Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC) or Electricity Settlements Company (ESC) or a line manager (if you are a member of staff). The hotline will provide an additional, confidential way to raise serious concerns, anonymously if you wish.

  1. Why has the hotline been introduced?

To protect the LCCC/ESC and its employees against misconduct and negligence in the work place that could have a negative impact on the employee and/or the LCCC/ESC’s reputation. 

It is also there to provide a confidential gateway for members of the public who wish to provide information about irregularities in the Capacity Market (CM), the Contracts for Difference (CfD) in relation to the work done by LCCC or ESC, or if they suspect an employee of LCCC/ESC of wrongdoing.  

3.  What should I report?

As examples, reports might be about:

  • fraud / corruption e.g. in the CM or CfD
  • bullying, harassment, discrimination and abusive behaviour that you have witnessed taking place
  • improper accounting
  • theft, damage or misuse of company property
  • other criminal matters
  • health and safety risks
  • environmental damage
  • unethical behaviour
  • breach of email or website use

damage to the LCCC/ESC’s reputation

  1. Do I need proof?

The LCCC/ESC does not expect you to have absolute proof of any misconduct or negligence that you report. However, we would like you to give reasons for your concern. The LCCC/ESC will look into all matters that are reported.

5.  How does it work?

If you have any concerns you can contact the hotline in a number of ways:

By phone

Dial the free phone number 0800 097 0026 and enter the LCCC/ESC Access Code 56922 followed by the hash key (#) then listen to the easy-to-follow instructions. You are offered the choice of speaking to a specially-trained person to tell them your concerns, or you can leave a secure recorded message.

Via the InTouch website

You can send a confidential report by logging onto the InTouch website www.intouchfeedback.co.uk/lccc and entering the LCCC/ESC Access Code. You will then be able leave a message by typing the details into the message box.

Whichever way you choose to contact the hotline, you will be given a unique case number which you will need to keep safely to receive feedback. The hotline service is available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

6.  What information should I provide?

You should include dates, times, people and places as appropriate. Tell us the business unit to which the message relates and provide as much information as possible.

7.  How should I prepare if I choose to leave a message?

When preparing to leave a message it is useful to make a note of the main points (as per question 6) you would like to raise before you make a call.

8.  What happens to my message?

Messages are sent promptly to the Head of Risk & Assurance at the LCCC/ESC, who will act on it without compromising any individual. You will receive a response within 14 working days to let you know that the LCCC/ESC is looking into your concerns, and we may request further information. 

The LCCC/ESC will raise your concerns with whoever they feel is the most appropriate person. This might be someone within the LCCC/ESC, or with an independent person outside the company.

9.  I am worried about leaving a message and what might happen to me

The LCCC/ESC’s policy is that no person who has made a report in good faith will suffer and the hotline service is confidential. This policy is in line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

  1. Will the LCCC/ESC be able to identify me?

If you call the free phone number your telephone number will not be captured. Anything you discuss with the call-handler will be held in the strictest confidence. The call-handler will seek clarification where necessary and agree notes of the concern that will be reported to the LCCC/ESC. If you choose to leave a message, the message you leave is typed, and where required translated by InTouch and then your voice recording is erased. At no time will anyone at the LCCC/ESC hear your voice.

When leaving a message on the InTouch website your email address will not be captured. The hotline will make no attempt to identify you. 

11.  How do I pick up the response to my message?

The hotline service you use to leave your first message, either by telephone or by the web, is the one you will need to use each time you re-contact the hotline service to pick up your reply or to leave further information.  All you need to do is enter your unique case number that you will be given when you leave your first message (refer to question 5). It’s simple and secure.

If you have left your name and contact details you may be contacted directly by the LCCC/ESC. However, if you have requested that the LCCC/ESC should not know who you are your details will not be passed on.

So unless you choose to identify yourself, there is no way of the LCCC/ESC knowing who has left a message.