Our Schemes

LCCC manages the Contract for Difference scheme, and the Capacity Market scheme on behalf of our sister company Electricity Settlements Company. The schemes are central to the delivery of the Government’s objective to “ensure the UK has a reliable, low cost and clean energy system.

Contracts for Difference

LCCC was established to be the counterparty to Contracts for Difference (CfDs), an incentive designed by Government to bring forward the investment needed to sustainably deliver the UK’s goals for low carbon electricity.

LCCC’s primary role is to manage CfDs with low carbon generators throughout their lifetime, which involves management of the contracts as well as the Supplier Obligation Levy that funds CfD payments.

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Capacity Market

The amount of electricity everyone uses varies hugely depending on the time, day, and season. For example, usage peaks during winter with its cold, dark days. The Capacity Market ensures that Britain always has enough reliable capacity to meet demand, and at least cost to consumers.

The scheme is designed to use competition to achieve a defined level of electricity security in Great Britain at the lowest cost to consumers  and also to support the development of more active demand management in the electricity market.

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LCCC / ESC Highlights from 2019/2020 Annual Report
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New Schemes

This is an exciting time for LCCC as we are working with a number of new schemes.

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