Industrial CCUS

The Industrial Carbon Capture (ICC) business model has been designed to incentivise the deployment of carbon capture technology by carbon intensive industries. The ICC business model is a key component to the Net Zero strategy as it provides innovation in hard to abate industries that have largely been the powerhouse to the UK Economy for over a century.

Our Role:

To support in the development of the CCUS contracts, we have provided guidance and advice to the government on how we can best operationalise and manage the contracts to give the schemes longevity, future investment opportunities and to ensure their future success. We utilise our extensive expertise and experience to ensure we deliver the best contractual and financial mechanisms that provide a well-structured approach for the deployment of the CCUS in the UK.

We are the nominated counterparty to the Industrial Carbon Capture Contract subject to the successful completion of administrative and legislative arrangements. You can find out more about the business model here.