Low Carbon Contracts Company & Electricity Settlements Company

The Low Carbon Contracts Company and the Electricity Settlements Company are both private limited companies owned by the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and established to play key roles in the delivery of Electricity Market Reform (EMR), the biggest change to the electricity market since privatisation

9th July, 2020

Stakeholder bulletin on BEIS loan utilisation, Capacity Market Stress Event testing programme, and upcoming events

LCCC has calculated the amount of BEIS loan utilisation in respect of the supplier levy for Q2 2020 as £75,110,169. This figure will therefore not be included in the total cost of CfDs for this quarter charged to suppliers.

Further details are available in the Stakeholder Bulletin published today, available here.

The Bulletin also contains details of activities in the Capacity Market Stress Event Testing Programme for 2020/21, as well as details of the National Grid ESO Capacity Market Launch Event and LCCC's upcoming webinar to discuss the Q4 2020 ILR and TRA.

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