Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Capacity Market scheme.



CMU Portfolios  

Why not modelled?  

It cannot be automated as it cannot be determined by ESC what CMUs are to be grouped as a portfolio 

The time saved from validating those that have passed automatically will also mean improvements to the delivery of SPDs for those that have not been modelled or where there are errors.  

SPD Pass

If the CMU has passed its SPDs and the SPD pass report does not show this, please contact one of the Delivery Partners and we will provide a response: 

ESC contact email:

EMR Delivery Body:

If the CMU has not passed the SPDs please follow the guidance, Demonstrating Satisfactory Performance & Extended Performance please follow link to the latest EMR Delivery Body

SPD Pass Report

The new process started on the 31 March 2022. With the new changes to Proven/Unproven DSR, Extended Performance and Secondary Trading live from the 1st October 2022. The SPD pass report will be issued every 2 weeks and can be found here:



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